Saturday, January 21, 2017


My friend and neighbor, V and I sat around her table drinking herbal tea one day back in November and while we sipped we shared our love of Spanish food, dancing and living.  I came to discover that she took years of flamenco lessons, so we decided that a fiesta was in order after the holiday season passed. 

Tonight was the fiesta and we went all out! V brought Spanish music to set the mood and, between the two of us, we made potato torta, chicken mole, fresh cucumber tomato salad, virgin sangria, bought marinated olives and authentic Spanish cheese and finished off the feast with fried custard! It was delicious! 

Then A juggled for the kids and V danced the most elegant, melodic flamenco for us! I loved it so much I had to try it out! So I tied some play scarves on and tried out my flower hands. We had such a fun time enjoying the beautiful Spanish culture!


Years ago when we had only started to settle into our house in Papua New Guinea and Liam was a fat little baby my dear friend D sent me a precious felt watch for Liam to wear. I loved it! Over the years it was a favorite to play with and time had taken its toll on that wonderful handmade gift. Today I decided to snip off the felt balls that accrued and give it a new band, since the original was quite stretched and worn. While I was at it I made some watches for Ezra and Mila too. It was so fun!

They are down stairs now sending coordinates and messages to each other. This is the beauty of felt. I thought I was creating a regular old watch, but my space age babies have turned them into smart watches. HAHA!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Uncle A

Uncle A sent us the most amazing video in rhyme! It told us about how he was sorry he was late, but that was just true Bohman fashion and how he was sending a money gram so we could get the kids and ourselves some good stuff! It was amazing.
Ben and I are still trying to figure out what to get for ourselves, but I knew just what I wanted to get the kids! So I mailed away for some goodies and recorded the kids opening up their gifts for Uncle A to see! We have yet to edit it and send it, but here it the fun in action a bit! It was meant to be a group gift, but I knew which things each kid would love best. Ezra loved the space puzzle. Liam carrie around the telescope all day and would have slept with it if I let him! We also got Muppets from Space and the kids loved the silliness. Last we got the game Animals Upon Animals, a very fun stacking game.
It was such a blast and we are so grateful for Uncle A (and his new fiancee!!) and their generosity and love for us!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Thanks to the S family Ben and I were able to use my birthday gift certificate from my parents and go on a date to celebrate my birthday! I love getting to go out with Ben and eat and talk. He is a wonderful person to do that with. We had such a great time! We went all out because we could- we had the egg roll medley appetizer, got a fancy burger and the Cajun pasta and, of course, cheese cakes ( the Chris's outrageous and the chocolate hazelnut). We went home with boxes of leftovers, but very happy tastebuds! We wrapped up the day outside and called it a great day

Mint Knit Dress

About the time of my second birthday my Grandma Soqui knit me the most precious mint green dress. There is a famous picture of me in the dress standing on the fold out table of the holiday season with my hands in the air. My mom loves that picture (for good reason). :) Well my mom kept that little dress in her cedar hope-chest so that one day I could put that dress on my daughter, or at least my granddaughter. It is really neat that the day has finally come!

We may not have the poofy slip to put under it, but that dress is still cute and the baby in it is very, very cute! I love seeing my daughter standing on the table, two years old and her hands in the air and wearing that dress made with love and history!

My Toddler

My little girl is 2! We had a super busy past few days and so to make sure we had her a proper celebration we spread it out little by little. We opened up Nana and Papa's gift, her books and one of her gifts on Friday. There was a lot of play with those dress up scarves by all in the house. Such a great staple for a play room! We had some other ones, but unfortunately when Mila was in the "throw your favorite thing in the trash" stage earlier last year we lost some when I didn't notice her playing the game. Such is life with a toddler.

In the evening we gave her her last two gifts of a kitty cat family and a little house for them. She loved that as much as I hoped she would! The boys were so interested that I had to ask them to leave it alone so she could get at it at all!
Saturday was so busy that we could only get in making her cupcakes! We made chocolate amaretto and red velvet cupcakes!
Sunday we invited Mila's best gal pal and her family over to celebrate. We had pizza and cake, the kids played, the adults talked and the little girls had a fantastic stroller derby with the gift our friend's brought Mila!

Mila is such a light in our lives. Her sweetness touches many and her cheerful smile melts my heart daily. I am so grateful for the past two years with my little girl, and I look forward to watching her develop and grow in the years to come.


Saturday, January 14, 2017


We all needed a slower day, so we played all day long, took care of our house and celebrated a bit. (With all the busy-ness of the weekend, we are breaking up Mila's birthday celebrating over a few days. More on that later.) In the evening I took the boys to our Ward's pack meeting! The pinewood derby was on and there was so much excitement and fun! Call me crazy, but I look forward to designing derby cars with my boys someday!

I made some of these energy balls for the first time and the kids gobbled them up! I just mixed up a few different recipes I found online. It is all dried fruit and nuts ground up and packed into a ball for a filling and yummy snack!
When the kids were all in bed I finished this little bit of fun for a friend who is getting baptized soon. I love this quote! To me it encompasses the idea that no one is perfect and that church is to help us be better people. Above all it is most important to focus on our spiritual well being, our relationship with God and how that makes us act with the rest of the world.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Where The Week Went

It has been a wonderful week! So many things to do and people to meet! We homeschooled with siphons, volcanoes, new Arabic words for colors, excellent reading by my Liam and improved writing! We played, went to music group, visit taught ladies from church, played, started up some workouts, talked to my future sister in law and Ben's brother, played, fixed a stopped up pipe with a snake tool, talked with siblings via text messages and had big laughs, and had our windshield replaced from that golfball sized rock that hit it on our Texas road trip. 

Phew! A good and busy week indeed! The weekend is promising to be busy of the same sort, only a certain little girl will celebrate her 2nd birthday too!! I have been so excited for too long because I know she has a better idea of what birthdays are now! She is going to flip when she opens her presents and when she has her candle on her cake! Almost here!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Friday, January 6, 2017

Clemyjontri Park- Friday Field-trip

We have had a handful of conversations about people with special needs and so I thought it might be interesting to go to a park where every one could be accommodated. That way my kids could see how everyone likes to have fun. (It was the least planned out idea for this conversation). It was a cold day and I figured there wouldn't be many people there, but man, we had the place to ourselves! Another trip here would be good now that they have had a chance to scope out all the digs! It really is a fun and varied park! I look forward to coming back in warmer weather.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


There was a light snow this afternoon and so we ran outside to watch it come down and to play. It was chilly and we each found our way to get warm. I used hot chocolate and popcorn :)



I have had a love of mermaids since I was a little girl and the Little Mermaid first came out. I love being underwater, but coming up for air can be annoying- ya know? So a person who can live in the water, but also gets to be kind of human?! So magical!
I grew up in eco-concious California and had handfuls of school assemblies on water conservation, recycling and minimizing trash.
I consider myself an artist and appreciator of art that inspires.

Today I went on Facebook for my monthly visit and my sister in law, G, posted this great video that encompasses all my interests I just listed! This is such a well done campaign for change and is very needed to help our psyches and our actions. Share it! It is so worth it!

Plus, the artist, Benjiman Von Wong, is selling prints! Love them!

I didn't see a way to ask permission, but I hope in lieu of spreading awareness and great art Mr. Von Wong won't mind me posting a picture of his work so I can entice to action!

PS. These are our favorite reusable water bottles :)

Monday, January 2, 2017


Liam got a real tool set for Christmas. He was overjoyed about it! It there has been one consistent interest in this little boy's life it is a love for tools! I HAD  a well hammered coffee table in China to prove it! Well I found a book for simple book for him to get started. We all went to the hardware store to get a few extra tools (SAWS!!!) and then they got to work! They didn't finish in one evening, but maybe I'll have something to show you at the end of the week!