Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lakeside Great Wall

We had a blast today. Ben and I agree that this is the funnest place we have been to. We went here in the winter time and enjoyed it. We saw its potential for summertime though and kept it in our minds for a sunny, clear day. It was even better than we thought it would be when we dreamt about it in the winter.

it is a walnut roaster! They were yummy!

we packed take out burritos for lunch by the water

our canopy at lunch

hiking up the mountain and standing next to a part of the old ruined Great Wall

Liam loved the down hill

Ezra had a blast cracking nuts on the table 

A little old lady gave Ezra her collection of cicada on our boat ride! He loved it! We set them free and there were over 10 that she collected!

Liam was being a tough army guy. :)

Our Friday

This week has had clean air for at least a handful of hours each day!!! Every day we got out and played! Friday was a particularly fun day. We worked on building towers...

Got to have friends over and then go play at the park...
Rain started and came down in buckets! Check out those streams of water from the roof!!

I got to make birthday cakes for a new dear friend's birthday. Tres leche cake :) ...

What a fun day!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our new chef!

Liam has been asking if he could cook and if I would start to teach him. I told him eggs were easiest to start to learn to cook so he could do that! So we are eggs for breakfast! He was so proud! I was so proud too! Then he wanted to stir the vegetables and help prepare them too! I didn't let him cut with a knife yet, but he did help wash and tidy up- very important cooking skills. :)

Blessed brothers

Liam is really interested in the idea of blessings by the laying on of hands. In our church we believe that in order to give blessings one must have proper priesthood authority from God, that one can actually trace back to Jesus Christ himself. This is a detail Liam isn't interested in, he just has good intentions to bless his brother. :) Ezra didn't seem like he knew quite what to do! Was this real? Should he sit still? It was cute to watch them play to try and understand something special.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Ben loves this Chinese style crepe and I have been wanting to try it for a long time. I finally got the courage to get it without Ben (thanks to N!) and it really is a fun food! 

The bing maker makes a crepe, cracks an egg or two and cooks it, then spreads a yummy sauce, sprinkles green onion and then puts on a crispy wafer (Ben thinks it is a type of pork rind) and folds it up! Locals put on peppers (ma) and little hot dogs too, but neither sounded good to me so we did without. It was five kuai, which is less than a dollar, and that sweetens the whole bundle!

At the park with buds

A bike ride, friends and a lovely morning!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer rain

It was beautiful this morning and so we walked to play group. It started to rain a lovely rain midway and then was sprinkling nicely when it was time to go. We splashed a bit, danced a bit and laughed a bit on our short walk home. How magical it was!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kung foo mantis

This green fellow dropped on my shoulder and then on to our pack and stood ready to fight. We loved him. He stuck around for a while too!

Ezra filled up this bag with rocks, sticks and leaves for over half an hour.
I didn't get a shot of Liam doing a little climbing, but he gave it a whirl again today.
Here's baby belly and I! Teaching this one to love climbing way early on! As long as that harness safely fits and this belly doesn't get in the way I plan to keep climbing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Inside my belly

I wasn't planning on an ultrasound until later, but somehow it happened today. So now we all get a peek inside my belly to see baby Bohman!
They have these classic, huge bellied mama stickers at the doctor's office. Lots of people love these and stick them on their cars, then next to them they stick a baby on board sticker. :) It brings some thought to the matter of the one child rule...

Monday, July 28, 2014


Ezra gets really hungry in the mornings. He has been known to stand at the top of the stairs yelling "downstairs! Nana!" Over and over until we get up and go and get a banana. He loves bananas. He will settle for some raisins if we are out, but he will ask for bananas again later in the day if he doesn't get his morning fill. I can  distract him with cheese if he wants a second banana later in the day, we only do one banana a day, but I know it is only second best. Bananas are king. 

"The Loom Project"

Hey Mom! Remember the yarn we bought when you came to help me after I gave birth to Ezra? Well after one failed attempt, one taking apart, one transport to the other side of the world, one re-stringing and working on it for the past 7 months again I am finally done!! 

This is my second loom project and I wanted to make a runner for my bed set with the white duvet so I made it really, really long. Good idea? Not a bad idea, but very difficult for someone who has to work on a loom only when children are sleeping or highly involved in something else. This project took way longer than I thought it would. I made a goal to finish it before the end of this month and things were kicked into high gear. 

When I realized I would finish today I finally understood that mentality of people putting a ton of work into something and then are so tired of the project that they almost want to just throw it away! Well I'm just going to take lots of pictures and stash it on the guest bed for now and then enjoy it more later. I'm just glad to be done and do something else!