Wednesday, January 28, 2015


We went to scheels to look and play Monday morning. The taxidermy was fun, as were the photo ops, the fish, the escalators, the shooting games, the Ferris wheel we didn't ride... The funny thing was everyone else there had at least one kid with them too! It is like a kid entertainment store, yet it also sells all sporting gear.

Later that day my dear old friend K and her family came over to meet Mila and say hi! They even brought us yummy pulled pork sandwiches and fruit salad that Liam AND Ezra devoured! K and I agreed that feeding our babies side by side was awesome. We never imagined such a cool hangout with our two families when we were in high school together years ago!
K and "marshmallow" :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Her blessing dress

My mom had made blessing outfits for all my kids and nearly all of my siblings kids. I wanted to do some Mexican embroidry on Mila's dress, so I'm working on it now. I think it is a neat wink to her heritage :). I'm looking forward to seeing it done!

Saturday with Grace

We didn't start out very graceful, but we were quite independent. He was pretty pleased with himself.

Once aunt Grace arrived we were much more graceful. :) And yes, Mila is wearing her brothers newborn jammies because I don't want to buy lots of newborn clothes that she won't wear for very long. Don't worry she is still a girl even if Liam insists she will turn into a boy when she gets bigger. :) true story.

Will add awesome dance video soon!

Monday, January 26, 2015

The master list maker

Ben and the boys are at church and I'm at home with little miss Mila since she is not big enough (in my opinion) to be in such a public place yet. I haven't had this much free internet time since Liam was a newborn!!

Well I had a plan to go over a few things: the Sunday school lesson, a 72 hour kit resource I found on Pinterest and maybe even take a nap. Well I got started with the 72 hour kit source and wow!! This lady is one organized, wonderful list maker! I am mega impressed with her serious skills. :) I'm putting the links to stuff I loved on her site here so I can find them easily and share them with friends and family who might be interested in similar things.

72 hour Survival Kit
Dying to do a RS enrichment night with the things I learned! I'm also looking forward to organizing our vital documents into a binder like she recommends!

Family Camping List
Ben has done a fantastic job on our camp gear, but she has some great ideas for camping as a family grows in size

Freeze dried foods recipes
Particularly curious about the chicken! Is it as good as she says?

Camping recipes
Can always use more ideas for camp food!

Freeze dried vs. Dehydrated foods
This would make veggie prep so much quicker in China where we have to vinegar or bleach soak our produce! Plus it is good food storage! And health content is better!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Carbon copies?

My sister in law pointed out that my babies look pretty much the same as newborns. She sent me some pictures from my blog to prove it. They were good, but these ones make it even more obvious! Crazy huh?!

Good Morning!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mila's Newborn Photos

Bohman Reunion Family Photos

C's fam
D's fam

No family picture of us yet because Mila and Ben weren't here that day, and both would be here within a few weeks and a day respectively. :)
All the current grans!

The original Bohmans

The Bohmans and posterity!

All us Bohman sisters

All the siblings

Friday, January 23, 2015

I love pictures

There is an extra burst of endorphins that goes off in my heart when I see old pictures of family and friends- plus I love assembling them in something fun. They don't have to be old photos actually, but it is a bonus. I love photo books, photo walls and all family paraphernalia like that.

My sister in law, C, has this wall intended to grow with family photos. The thing is it hasn't grown since it started many years ago! So for a late birthday present, yet before Mila came, I grabbed some second hand frames and went through family photos on Facebook and even added some new ones from the recent family reunion! 

She loved the surprise and had all nine new pictures on her wall when we visited yesterday! I stayed in the hallway for a long time just looking at all the pictures and recalling their stories. 

Huge endorphin rush!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

In the morning

We are doing lots of resting here while trying to keep things interesting for these busy boys. Books from Mila and new ninja shirts to promote enthusiastic kicks spontaneously have been the recent highlights.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Super heroes

These boys are so fun. They, like all boys their age, love super heroes. I think it is so amusing how often boys are so attracted to that muscle man (he-man, gi-joe, power rangers, super heroes) and often little girls are attracted to that ultra feminine, twirly dress, doll type (princesses in this generation). We have yet to enter into girl play, but I'm hoping our toys at home are as duel gender as I think. Even still a few gender bias toys like super heroes are fun.
It cracks me up that the first pictures I get of all three of my kids has these super hero toys in them. I guess they and my boys' faces make these pictures memorable. 

Mila thinks they are funny too! Laughing and smiling in her sleep!!

The friend cousins

This picture of the cousins is neat -ages 5,4,3,2,1. Aunt C took it the day Mila was born, so there is an age zero to add too :). All these kids are only a few days or weeks or months from being exactly one year apart each!
We have had such a good time with all our cousins. We have lots of great memories with them now. Sledding, meals, crazy play, museums, and games. One of my favorite stories is when the cat (technical family member even if not blood) tried to cuddle with the boys as they slept on New Year's Eve. Ezra flipped and now whenever he sees or hears about the cousins he talks about their cat. :) 

These cousins have saved us multiple times in the past week. I am so grateful to have so much family with cousins my kids ages. And a sister in law who is always ready to serve and love. It was really fun to introduce these cousins to their newest cousin last night! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh those boys!

Oh how I missed my boys while we were in the hospital! This morning was especially entertaining because I hadn't been around them for five days (only video chats) and because I think they were feeling particularly fun.

We had a karate session to learn blocks
Storm troopers were hunted in all bedrooms until the area was cleared

Then Ben got out his Christmas present from my parents- a quad copter (he picked it out himself :)) and the boys chased it around the house like kittens to yarn.
Mila was overwhelmed by awesome and fell into a sleepy stupor.