Saturday, December 20, 2014

Family action

The action today was heavy! We celebrated "miss sassy pants" birthday today. She is three and we love her like crazy.

We gave her a unicorn for her birthday. Top that!!
Then mom Bohman worked her tail off so that we could start to tie the quilt that grandma J left for mom and dad.

As we had quiet time and kids of all ages napped we also looked at the family pictures I took of us in the morning. We went over to the bountiful temple and got some fun shots. Here are just two for a teaser. :)

We went to a big buffet for dinner at big J's request, he had a deal with mom and dad and earned this reward. 
Liam insisted on reading this book to uncle A. It is his new booster chair car seat manual :)
Then we got to tying the enormous quilt!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Really old letters

The day started out with breakfast
Then playing with cousins
Then we worked on one of the family projects this family reunion. Grandma J passed away this summer and dad Bohman inherited a bundle of old letters from grandma and great grandma. They are fun and interesting to read and have awesome historical value. So we are taking pictures and plan to transcribe them and get them in for all to enjoy. It has been a great flash back to days of curatorial work before I was married.

All that work deserved a treat, so we took the kids and got some frozen custard. This place really is yummy.

I wish Ben were already here to add to this bearded bunch of brothers. Oh what alliteration hmmm?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Family outings

We went to the one and only In-n-Out burger for lunch today. Ezra was crazy about those fries! Best fries in the world, man. Liam was crazy about the kids stickers. :)

Then all the grandkids decorated ornaments together.

In the evening we went to temple square to see the lights, the temple, the tabernacle and the nativity all lite up beautifully.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Story time with grandma

What a magical moment!

Uncle D is in the dog house

Ezra's face was priceless. A noisy, light up toy gun was just what he wanted. He was ecstatic with this gift. I, on the other hand, mustered up the biggest scowl I could. 

The rest of the day Ezra walked around the house shooting everything! It only stoped when, after several warnings not to, I found his five year old cousins frozen to the wall while he shot at her. I swore that thing would be broken by morning and I would be the battery puller! 

How can a kid love a toy so much and I mom detest it so!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014


We woke up to this! And it keeps coming!!!

I love these cozy evening pictures in the winter!

A day with the big cousins

My boys got their first real exposure to video games in the morning. Liam thought it was so cool. Now I just have to decide when I'm going to bring it into our home...
We drove over to see nana and papa after some breakfast and Ezra got to open his birthday present!

Ezra and the cousins thought batman duplo Legos were totally cool.
I finally got my taquitoes smothered in guacamole fix at lunch time!

Then we went to a cousin's basketball game and the boys played on the mats on the sidelines.
After a few errands and a great bbq of hamburgers and hot dogs the kids decided to play barber shop. They were so funny. My favorite quote of the day was:
C- I'm the bad guy on Sesame Street!
Liam- I'm the good guy on bad guy street!
Haha! I love it!
One of Liam's big kid friends back in China does his hair like this, so he called it Owen hair. He felt so cool!