Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moving to the exit

We have about four months left here in Beijing. That is only one month more than how long we spent in Utah. 

I looked at pictures of when we first got here and Ezra was 8 months old, Liam was 2, almost 3. My babies grew. We have laughed much. We have cried. We have eaten. We have had friends in our home. We have played. We have been frustrated. We have been overjoyed. We have a new Bohman to add to our family.

Each house/apartment we live in becomes a home with memories of a distinct time period. This time period is coming to a close, but is still in motion. It is always tricky to stay in the moment with the next move so close in view.

When it has been difficult living here I thought I would think I'll hardly miss it when we leave. Yet I know that despite the difficult things I will remember fun times with friends in this phenomenal community, outdoor adventures up north on beautiful AQI days, that wonderful play room in our house, and fresh jiaozi. That is a part of perspective right? All sides are considered and then taking out of it what you want and what you need. Perspective can shrink aspects or make them bigger. Then a memory is formed.

 In a way perspective can be like joy- knowing the good and the bad, then seeing the balance and the growth that has resulted from it all. Joy isn't a bigger happiness, but a fuller understanding of happiness which includes knowledge of sad things to make the picture complete and balanced.

I'm very grateful for this life I live. Grateful for the children and husband that are mine, and the memories and lessons that are mine. I'm grateful for all things I've experienced while living here in China just as I was when we were at the end of our time in PNG. I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm living.


I got a great nap today with Ezra and Mila. Liam is normally really mild during these rare occasions. Today I found this in the freezer when I got up.

 "I was waiting for it to turn into pie!" 

We need a Harry Potter wand and magic words quick because I have a feeling I'm going to be losing more waffles and quinoa to "pie."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Poor sucker

She is the messiest eater of my three babies. She gets milk everywhere. This time it isn't all over me though! Ha!

In other news, a knight and a super hero enjoyed a snack of bananas.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For the love of pretty bowls

A friend of mine gave us five of these beautiful bowls as a welcome back present. If you know me it was the perfect gift! I am the type that equates pretty dishes with jewels, and will take the pretty dishes over jewels any day! (Oh, that is a good quirk for one of those getting to know you games.) :)

Well if you know where to go (Wu mart- about 12 minutes from our house!) you only have to hunt a little, and you can find these pretty dishes for dollar store prices!! I wanted a few more serving bowls and got these three for about 13 dollars
Pretty platters! Ooh!

It's like getting anthropologie bowls at liquidation prices! I've mixed my precious anthropologie bowls with my China finds and have found myself feeling super lucky and wealthy in bowls!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring is upon us!

Like any reliable, good Saturday we started with pancakes. I decided to try a short run because there was fantastic air. I enjoyed my run, but what a reminder that getting stronger again takes time!

We gathered up the fam and decided a bike ride would be fun. The boys suggested a picnic so we grabbed some burritos and then continued with a lovely, leisurely ride. 

On our way back our friends were getting home from the flower market and a spontaneous party formed as friend after friend showed up! All together we had eight families throughout the afternoon!!
Kids rode bikes and played with bubbles
Babies slept and were cuddled
Wild squirrels made a huge mud pie with friends
Soccer games abounded and all the while there was hanging out in camp chairs talking with friends.
I love this neighborhood! I love our friends!

And we...

Finally got a picture of the twins and their moms!
Ezra found the Easter baskets and fell in love
Liam got a chance to hold Mila and sang nonsense to her :)
Spring flowers have arrived!! We have front door flowers again!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Miracles of miracles

We have a pretty good idea that our next posting will be in DC. That means planning for a smaller income and more expenses. I have been very fortunate to have clothing swaps, family and a few bucks to get some new things, but clothing a baby can be expensive! Plus I find that I am kind of picky... 

Well a friend of mine here just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and is not planning on having any more children. So her little girl clothes were offered to me!!! Her style is very similar to mine and I was ecstatic to get her beautiful things! All the way to size 3Toddler!!!! Only a little supplementing will be needed in a few sizes, but we are pretty much set! What a huge blessing this is!!
Mila in her new threads! She actually smiled a huge baby smile when I told her we had a bunch of new clothes for her. So on cue!

Babies everywhere!

This is really neat. In the past five months all these ladies in our play group have given birth! It was a fun reunion today when all of us were back in town. Just look at all those babies!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Easter egg hunt

Our church children's primary organized and planned a great Easter devotional and games for the kids this Saturday. The boys loved the hunt and especially the candy in the eggs :).

The boys had me do their hair like O, the big boy they love and admire. Ezra was so excited when O helped him look for his eggs.

Such a fun hunt!

Smiling at Angels and Relatives

I love it when babies sit there and smile themselves silly at the air. I don't believe it really is just the air though. I think the veil to other side is thin for sweet, tiny babies. I think angels and relatives come and visit with love and joy. Mila was having a blast with them this morning.

Ezra needed a picture too. Such a cutie!
Then Liam did too. Ezra demanded no cuddles, so Liam did a good lean.
My angel babies

Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby reunion

Mila was reunited with her pal, A. Last time they hung out was about 8 weeks ago in heaven. How cool is that?!
Our friend J's ayi was ecstatic to be holding two newborn babies! She called them the twins. They are only five days apart, so it kind of works!
Today had great air (since we have been back the air has been pretty good for here!) and it is warming up! So we played outside as long as we could.

2 months!

Oh that smile!

Oh those jowls!

Oh those silly faces!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Ben's mentor at work made this awesome hat and sweaterset for Mila. She clearly likes it. She has been smiling for weeks and weeks now, but it is becoming easier to get her to smile. What an extra treat! Audrey Hepburn said it well when she said - happy girls are the prettiest!
Liam gently bounced Mila in her bouncer while I finished up in the kitchen. He did so well he got her to sleep! She is a great sleeper, but anyone who gets a baby to sleep and gets the mama some extra time to catch up deserves a cupcake!
Smiling just because life in soft jammies is good!
My boys burrowing into their fort. It cracks me up that all you can see of Ezra is a hand and a foot!
We are pretty much over jet lag now and life is getting better and better. This week is definitely easier for me and the clan than last week. :)