Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our creek

There are so many fun possibilities at this creek behind our house. It is sourced from lake Accotink, and when we get our bikes in our shipment we will bike to that lake along the trail. For now we regularly love the creek.

Yes they are dirty and wet when we get home, but we are all so happy too. 

Exciting things

Exciting thing number one:
Mila figured out how to push herself up to sitting. A few days later she figured out how to crawl backward. We are now working on figuring out the forward motion. :)
Exciting thing number two:
We went to that peach picking orchard and we have tons of peaches!!!!! We have eaten many peaches straight. We have made peach smoothies and I have made a fresh peach pie (no picture, we ate it to quick) and a cooked peach pie. When my canning stuff comes in the shipment I will take these skinned and sliced peaches from my freezer and make jam!!!

Exciting thing number three:
But not the least of the exciting things. Uncle D is here from Texas, where he is doing his residency!! He has tests for Air Force medical school here this week and we get to play with him in the evenings!
Very exciting indeed.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


We went into Shenandoah on the east side, but we left from the west side. One wouldn't normally do it that way but the gps said to and we thoughtlessly followed. It was such a scenic drive. I love scenic drives as long as no one is crying. I don't even mind if it is slightly longer just for how fun it is to look out the window.

One thing we couldn't help but notice was how different the rest of Virginia looks from Northern Virginia, where we live. Virginia is a part of the South and confederate flags can easily be found along with real remnants of their plantation heritage. In modern times land is not heavily cleared, forest is left partially in tact, but in the past that wasn't so.

 I was totally blown say by numerous scenes just like this one. Acres and acres of grass around a house. And for what? To mow. The environmentalist in me cringed, the historian in me was rapidly figuring out past usages and the artist in me was analyzing the aesthetics. 

America is so neat for all its variety! It felt like I was in a different country, yet only a few hours away!

Mountain man :)

We planned to BBQ some kabobs while camping, but our timing was off so we ended up making them up at home. Our BBQ is in our shipment so Ben got creative with some tin foil, charcoal and a grate in our back yard. Dinner was great for how tasty it was, but also for the mere surprise that it worked!

Peach and apple picking

A friend told us about an orchard about an hour away where we could pick our own fruit! Since it was on the way home from Shenandoah we stopped by. 

I adore fresh, sweet, juicy peaches more than any other fruit. Perhaps it goes back to memories of my grandma's tree in her back yard and eating endless amounts right off the tree, in jams and in pies. Now that means summer! Finding good peaches has not been possible in our last two postings so this summer's peaches are ever more important and beloved.

There were even more apple trees and we made sure to pick a good amount of those too! Ben and I were beaming with excitement at how cool this experience was. Now we have two pecks of mostly peaches and a good amount of apples to clean and sort into various eats!!


Ben has a cool work schedule where he can arrive an hour early every day to work and then get every other Friday off. This Friday was his first off so we celebrated with a camping trip to the beautiful Shenandoah National Park.

We had a great time roasting Costco hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire, going on a little hike and listening to the bugs as we fell asleep and the breeze through the trees when we woke up. 

My favorite part was getting to chat with Ben by the fire as our babies slept and the numberless stars watched over us. It was a lovely trip.
Liam was hiding so I tricked him by saying- oh look at that bird! That is why he looks so big eyed :).

The water in these mountains could have been 10 dollars a bottle for how tasty it was. We loved it so much we filled our 5 gallon cooler before we left just to get to have it a bit longer!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

¡Adios Amiga!

The D family leaves for Argentina I a matter of days! This is our last play for a few years. It is nuts to think all these little kids will be in totally different developmental stages next time. 

What a gift it has been to have this wonderful family to play with, vacation with, eat yummy things and have great chats with. I'm so grateful N and I became friends and that five years ago the friendship started with her husband, M, serving us as our home teacher. I love N dearly.
 ¡Adios para ahora Amiga!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Now! Now she is proud to share! Maybe she felt silly that there was only one? Well there is now a pair of teeth for this lady and we can see that she is close to a matching set up top! 
I love gummy baby smiles. A lot. Even still it is exciting to see those teeth come in. I don't even consider much in the way of food until they have something to chew with. Mila has tried tomatoes, watermelon (loved that!), peaches, carrot, apple and oatmeal, but only in crumb quantities- save the watermelon. She probably ate a whole bite size square of watermelon. :) 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer treat

We hit up Costco to get some bulk flour and we got a huge ice cream to share since we were such good shoppers. It was a beautiful day so we ate it on the grass landscaping around the parking lot.
We started chatting with this man about his bike and pow flags and got to hear some great stories! He is a photographer and even has a display in a room on board a naval ship! He is a supporter of the Memorial Day motorcycle ride through DC that we have gone to a few times with our dear friends from Tennessee, the H family.
 He even let Liam sit on his Harley! Ezra was only interested in the helmet. :) I love human interactions like this! There are very good people in the world.

Frying pan farm

Our friends the D family are here in the DC area for a handful of weeks doing training before they head out to Argentina (so cool!). We love them so much and are so grateful to see the familiar faces.

We made plans to go to the frying pan farm and ride the wagon, picnic and see animals. It was a beautiful, fun day!