Sunday, February 7, 2016


When you put good energy out there, good energy comes back eventually. Today we had good energy for sure. 
Liam looked at this picture and made that helicopter! Ben said he did it solo too! So cool!
We got nana and papa's valentines gift-new plates and love notes!
I finally got around to making Mila a fleece blanket like the rest of us have. Unicorns and rainbows! She loved how soft it was.
Ezra cut up paper for his craft...
We got to have friends over to play
And at night I got to make this bit of fun!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Nom num

We went to five guys to try out their new milk shakes. We always want one there and now they have them! (At select locations only) They tasted nice, but the texture was runny. Not thick at all! Maybe it was just the person making them, but it just didn't cut it. I want them to be good! Dang it!

Even still we enjoyed our hamburgers and fries. Mila loved those fries and when she had enough she fed the rest to me. She loves feeding me lately. I love how she opens her mouth bigger to feed me than when I feed her! Funny girl!

Third wheel

They may have been my errands, but I was the third wheel to this fun! These two are such great buddies!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pretend baked goods

I don't know how long ago I made some play cookies. It must have been around the time we got our toy baking set from ikea (two years ago?). They had some treats to buy at ikea, but I wanted ones that fit in the pans. I had intentions to make pie and cake for the set, but didn't. 

Until today!

The pizza and bread were toy foods we bought (Melissa and Doug)

Mila and I had some alone time. Ezra was taking a nap (he had a very sick morning) and Liam was out with buddies. We played kitchen and I realized that not only was kitchen play one of my childhood favorites, but it is still my favorite of the toys we have for the kids! They like these toys, but not as much as me! So I made these treats knowing they may not enjoy them as much as me, but I wanted to make them. You know, a quick craft to get my endorphins going. 
My little raspberry tart
And the bunt cake!
My little bakers. Oh how they humor me! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Star Wars cookies

A friend told us about these when we were all making messy sugar cookies last week. I couldn't stop myself! We had to have such fun food things! So we made shortbread cookies and ate up our favorite characters!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This week we are talking about how rules keep us safe and happy. It is so neat to see how much each child has progressed since I last taught 6 weeks ago! In house preschools are so fun!
We finger painted and talked about rules of finger painting! All rules were followed but wiping hands on the plastic table cloth. Not too shabby!

Free play was hilarious! Half of them played "sister helps brother". Sister helped the sick and wounded and dead. Perhaps she has a future in nursing? For the military? :)
Lego play was keen...
And so were cars!
We also did musical spots and that was a blast! Looking forward to Thursday!

Groundhog Day

I love the movie with Bill Murray. I realized today was the day and I looked up the results! The website shows festivities just like the movie! Haha! I want to be apart of that someday! 

Monday, February 1, 2016


Mila loves oranges!! She squeals for one until I grab one and peel it or let her chew on the outside! Well we are out or oranges.... But Mila saw these lemons and needed to have one! So I let her try it!

Not what she expected, but she went right on chewing the lemon zest!
Ezra liked the juice and squeezed the leftover bits in his mouth after I juiced it! Ha!

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Ben is so good for shaking up our ways! It would not be my first impulse to put Mila on the cold ground and let her handle the snow without gloves. It is a good sensory activity for her though! I used to be one who was more spontaneous with kids, but now I find myself worried more about efficiency, comfort, cleaning, health effects and all that seriousness. It is tricky to step back from a job and see something new and do something out of the ordinary. Thank goodness for dads!

You may notice Liam in the door window staying warm. Funny guy!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kabob house

Middle eastern/ central Asian food is some of my favorite in the world. Now part of the reason I love to travel is for food and I like a lot of different things (how I miss the jiaozi and vegetable dishes and noodle soups in Beijing!!). So when I say this is a serious favorite food (so far--wink) it means something. 

 We used to eat the most wonderful dishes when we lived in Qatar! They had a phenomenal Pakistani place that we loved- amazing rice dishes and tender meats with warm bread and flavorful hummus! Then there were the Turkish  lebna and zaatar pies at the restaurant by our home! Oh my heart! Fresh fruit drinks were everywhere and a good salad was easy to come by.

This restaurant brought me back to those great eating days in Qatar! Look at this! We have flavorful, nutty lentils with a dash of spice, my "fall off the bone tender" lamb shank and Briyani rice with raisins and carrots, a fresh salad with a vinegary dressing and crisp vegetables and a huge piece of flat bread right out of the oven! And that was just my meal!! Ben got a delicious chicken and we bought a meal for the boys to share, but we didn't have to! I didn't realize the meals would be Afghan size portions! But now we have amazing leftovers-enough to feed us all for another meal! 

Oh how I love this food! 

Friends in the area, we don't eat out much with our budget so when we do it must be good, so here it is on the map if you want a great place to eat! 

Baby tricks

Of my three children Mila has taken to the rocking horse the quickest and with the most enthusiasm.
She is even trying out tricks!
And other rocking toys!
Mila stands more than not lately and loves cruising on anything she can touch. She walks small distances too! She just needs the confidence and she will see she has this skill down! Then she will be chasing brothers around the house!

Oh how I love those big, brown, joyful eyes!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

He is HOME!!

The kids are following him around all over the house. I am too. We are so glad to see him. Oh how he was missed this past week!

This is the first time Mila has clued in to Ben being gone. She really missed him! Look at all this baby love! Cuddle hugs! Big baby kisses!