Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's happening

The air has been beautiful this week! We have been able to go on a walk everyday!
I thought a belly picture might be fun. This little one is poking out!
Ezra loves to yell dancing! dancing! When he hears a song he likes and he runs around the table. Liam often joins him. This time they were in costume. Vaquero and pirate chef. :)
Ezra loves cheese and he loves bananas. I have to make sure he is getting other things even though those are the only things he asks for. Liam likes cheese ok, but has decided Parmesan is the best! Whenever Ezra has a cheese stick Liam wants to get out the Parmesan block and grater!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Summer Palace

We went to the Summer Palace, a world heritage land mark, with some friends this Saturday! It was truly beautiful! It was so beautiful that lots and lots of people want to see it, so we braced ourselves for the crowds. I kept thinking, my claustrophobic mother would hate this! But even still, check out all we saw!

 Ben telling people that the kids didn't want their picture taken and they  needed to stop now. Foreign babies, particularly ones with lighter hair or lighter eyes (that describes our friend's whole family) are sought after for pictures. Liam hates it.
 It was in the high 90's, but women are dressed to the nines and have their long beautiful hair down and wearing 2-3 inch heels as they hike up mountain sides and long stair ways. Blows me away.

 the boat we rode!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I went to grab a new diaper and some wipes for Ezra knowing Ben was in our bedroom, Liam is fine in the tub and Ezra hasn't been able to get in by himself. Yet. 
I found him in the tub with Liam dressed in Jammies and a dirty diaper. I wish I got that picture but I pulled him out before I had the idea! These are the moments folks. I'm just glad he didn't get hurt going in the tub! He is a very skilled

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby number 3!!!

 I love it when all three of them get into a good book together!

Man! A belly sure pops out quickly on number three! Nice and spacious in there after two huge babies prior! Hooray for Baby Bohman number 3! Expected to make a debut in mid-January 2015!

baby in the great outdoors. :) :) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Building our children's library

I have always really enjoyed books and I knew I wanted a good little library for my kids. The thing is one can only remember so many of their favorites and then how do you know which ones are good and which ones are books for bums?

So I asked two of my friends who also love books and particularly children's books. One friend does story time for kids around here and another is married to a school librarian and shared the same passion. Yup, I have really cool friends . :)

We have been collecting books and I made a list HERE on my pinterest account of my favorite children's books. A few are some I have yet to check out, but most I can say I personally love in good confidence. The rest my friends love and I trust their judgement very much. So if you are looking for a birthday, Christmas or "just because" book gift here are our favorites!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ezra's baby teeth

Ezra is in the process of getting his last two teeth, the top two pointy ones. His pattern for getting teeth seemed much more sporadic than what is seem before (getting them in pairs at a moderate pace in the normal order). I wanted to record Ezra's pattern for my own future giggles.
First red, then light blue, green, orange, purple and last dark blue.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

our climbing spot

Ben is researched a bunch of climbing spots online and we have slowly been hitting them up. Ben has been to four sites so far, but we missed the third on account of the smog. We visited a beautiful one though, equipped with waterfall, but there were so many people that there was no space to climb! So I gathered the boys away from their pebble throwing into the waterfall pond and we headed to the site we went to two weeks ago.

 We love this site! the climbs are fun and there is only a moderate amount of people. Climbers are a fun bunch, but too many means few climbing opportunities.

 Here is the lizard that kept us company

 Liam trying out his harness! He climbed up 5 feet with only a little help. :)
 Ezra wanted to climb too, but he gladly settled for cuddles with our friend.
We had a great time and at the end of the day we decided to call this site "our site." I'm sure you will be seeing these rocks again. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Liam the comedian

Liam is working on counting. The order isn't ways interesting to him, and he has this little code for when he wants something to be big and important- 4,6, one teen, 16, one teen. I'm going to start using it when I need to make a point of importance. :)

Liam likes chewing on things. It gets to puppy dog levels at times and some of our toys are missing tails or hands. I told him I was going to feed him dog food if he didn't stop. Yesterday he bit our new water shooter for the pool. I caught him and he said, do I have to eat dog food now? That was the hardest moment not to laugh. Lucky for me he and Ezra were playing in the cabinets and when they closed it I laughed so hard and quiet! 

When things need to be named lately Liam wants to name them Liam. I told him that could get confusing because how would we know if someone was talking about Liam the fish or Liam the boy! He loved that.

Fish feng shui

Good feng shui is tricky to upkeep sometimes. Lighting, heat and water all effect those living factors. I'm hoping I got it right this time. We are all pretty excited about it!

You know Felix. He has been around a few months.
Geoffrey made his appearance earlier this week- he is the trickiest since goldfish should have a filter.
And here is Stewart! He makes this whole thing work.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Road humor

We were driving on the road and I saw a distinctive symbol on a car. You may know it as the famous Star Trek symbol, but apparently it is the chana car symbol too! So what I want to know is if these cars have teleportal capabilities because if so we need to look into this!


Ezra came around the corner shouting cookie over and over. I gave him a small one minutes before and I figured he wanted another. I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell him one was enough when he appeared holding his cookie and a plastic lizard and wearing his toy stethoscope. Apparently that lizard liked that cookie and he wanted me to know about it. This kid is such a riot.

You may notice his three swollen bug bites on his face and crusty food on his cheek. He is a healthy, active, messy kid. :)

Capital paradise park

Another beautiful day! We walked over to a neighboring compound's play ground and got to playing. I'd heard about their playground, but I hadn't gone till now. Pity, it was a nice playground and a nice decent walk. We should have gone sooner!
We got fried noodles street side for lunch and cleaned our windows in the play room simply because it was a wet thing to do outside in the afternoon of a nice day! 
Then we went to the pool and are pizza poolside for dinner- just to be outside longer!

Ezra mastered this climbing ladder. He is scary and amazing like that.