Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Epic Family Fun- Part 2 Karaoke

Better pictures to come of chocolate wonder
Aunt E "the first" is the first in the family to leave the group to get back to real life Tuesday morning. We only had one day all together so we really wanted it to be awesome. We had that great day, but what about the night? So we had a girls night! I'm not normally one for girls nights. I'd normally rather spend that free time with Ben, but this was different. This was all 6 of my sister in laws in the Bohman family and even Mama Bohman!! So we took out the car seats and piled into my minivan. We started the evening with chocolate fondue at Melting Pot. We had no less that three decadent chocolate mixes between the 8 of us! As we ate and talked we also sang to the music in the restaurant and realized we needed some karaoke. So I looked up some places on my phone and off we went. 

The closest place was called Freddies Beach Bar in Alexandria, so we went there. As we drove up we quickly realized it was a gay bar and we giggled to ourselves. I called out, "well I claim A as my partner!" To which C replied, "oh no! It's like getting picked for dodge ball!" We giddily pranced over to the bar and found a seat and the music book to choose from and got started. I don't think I have EVER had such a fun night out on the town. We were singing all night long and dancing up a storm! There were such talented singers all through the night and it was SO enjoyable to listen to! The whole bar was so clean and extremely fun to look at- Barbie dolls every where and pretty pink drapery galore! Everyone sang at least one song on stage, some even two. We had our shining moment when Mama Bohman got up and gave our finale of "Country Road." The DJ told us we made his night when we left at 12:30, but we didn't just make his night we made each other's most amazing memory as a group of familial ladies!

Epic Family Fun -Part 1 Air and Space Museum

We had so many military members in our family that not going to military Monday at Cafe Rio couldn't be missed. We got the whole family there and took up nearly half the seating area! 

 We filled our bellies, met up with Uncle A and the future Aunt E (they just flew in and we had them hit the ground running!) and then drove out to the Dulles Air and Space museum. All had a good time looking at space crafts and Air crafts, chasing kids and getting a good look at the view. Then we went home and rested and tidied up before my sweet friend B.G. took some family photos for us! (Those will come soon!) :)

AWWW! The three brothers!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Family Day!

Everyone but Uncle A and our new Aunt E are here, but they will be on Monday! We all went to church and Ben even gave a talk! 

Ezra is so in love with Auntie E
We had a snack...
Then played at the park for a bit...

 then hung out and played at home until dinner...
Auntie E the first, helped me make pizzas and all were well fed. I am pleased to say we at all 8 pizzas minus 3 slices! :)

Park Festivities

What a wild day of coordinating lots of people and crazy happenings! Poor Grandma and Grandpa got backed into while trying to park for graduation, Mila had an explosion out of her diaper, Aunties flew in from across the country and everyone needed to be escorted on base with someone with a military ID.
 Even still the Bohmans will not be put out! We had such a lovely time right next to the Potomac river eating yummy food, laughing and talking with family, playing Bocci ball in the grass (Ben and I won!), enjoying the cooler weather and watching all the kids playing. It was a near perfect celebration of Uncle D and his accomplishments. It was really touching how all six siblings and even adult cousins and Grandpa's brother and his wife flew out to be here for this special time. 

In the evening we asked the tired Grans to watch some babies at the hotel and the rest of us played the card game Exploding Kittens. I got to wear the cone of shame and the game stretched out with lots of laughs and a fun time with all.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

USU Medical School Graduation!

We now have a doctor in the family! What an amazing experience to get to see Uncle D graduate on Saturday. We aren't often thrilled about graduations, to be honest. Ben and I didn't even attend our college graduations! The military aspect with the graduation and the honor of the doctor in medicine was really impressive. There was a lovely feeling of camaraderie, unity and respect that I have not witnessed at other graduations. We are so proud of Uncle D and loved being there to support him and celebrate with him and his little family.

all the cousins who could come

Friday, May 19, 2017

USU Family Day

We are so proud of Uncle D! Since is was graduation weekend at Uniformed Services University in Bethesda we got to tour parts of the campus and enjoy all the fun entertainment they provided. Uncle D took us on a tour of where he studied, ate lunch and had lectures and the recreational area. 
 We got to see Uncle D do an ultrasound on Grandma's wrist too!
 Mila charmed Grandpa in her down time. :)
 We got to be apart of the family BBQ the school put on and had hamburgers and hot dogs!

 The kids could have played at the playground, but they chose the sand of the horse shoe pits instead!

We rounded off the day by watching the movie "Hidden Figures" in the evening. It was a great historically based story about three amazing women of African decent that made the space race in the 50's possible with their genius in mathematics. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Auntie C is here!

OH yeah! The party has started! Auntie C flew in for the graduation late Wednesday night. It is so fun to have C and A in the same room with me! I love my sister in laws!! Including the iPhone with cousins on the screen we have all cousins, but Will because he was still sleeping. :)

Then Grandma and Grandpa flew in on Thursday evening and we have a yummy dinner and some ceremony as the grans presented Uncle D with a restored medical book from the Civil War that Great Grandma owned. Uncle I made some gorgeous wooden boxes for the book and another lovely one for Auntie A to put jewelry in too! 

Here are all the littles that were all in bellies last reunion!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our Creek

We took a nice walk on the trail this morning with the cousins. We stopped and played in the creek to  experience the magic of this place. More kids came home wet than dry, but with such a warm day we didn't mind.