Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tuesday's with Morrie-Book Review

I love books about people rising above their circumstances and being so positive that they uplift others. "The hiding place" by Corrie Ten Boom and "Man's search for meaning" by Viktor Frankl are two of my all time favorites. Add Tuesday's with Morrie to the list!! 
What a warm, loving, honest book. A friend recommended it a few months back and I saw it at another friends house and she offered to let me borrow it. What a beautiful read. I took pictures of my favorite quotes so I could remember them :).
It is a quick read (I read it in two afternoons) less than 200 pages and leaves you analyzing and thinking. If you want to treat yourself, read it.

My little performer

This little girl is so amazing!!! She and I laugh together so much! She has been asking for me to help her dress up lately and we both love it.

She had her first play dough experience and, unlike most I have seen, never attempted a bite!
She heartily gardened with the boys. I wish her light colored dress wasn't the thing she wore to get messy, but the dirt came out and fun was had!
Whipping cream. Homemade. 
Going ninja style like the bros.
Organizing the cabinet?
She loved wearing this chef costume! I loved that she wanted to wear it and actually play cooked in it!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


It is fun to just draw stuff I love to eat. I love eating guacamole. So I drew it and painted it :). I had my avocados from before so I just added the rest!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My bird feeder

I set up this clear house bird feeder on our window on Monday. Yesterday I saw a robin and a cardinal looking at it from a distance. Today we have success!!! I sat five feet away and watched him grab a sunflower seed!


We began our quest for treasure on horse... Really fast.
We found treasure during snack! Craisins and a handful of Marshmallow mateys!! (We bought that cereal for our rare cereal gift for Easter). Mila saved her marshmallows after eating the cereal and then crushed them into the ground. (??)
I made up snickerdoodles and decided to put cardamom on them too. It was inspiration from culinary angels!! So yummy!!
A treasure to see all three of my kids happily breaking house rules and jumping together.
I finally put the grout in my mosaic I made a few weekends ago! What a fun learning project that was! I need to find another item to mosaic to keep practicing!

Monday, April 25, 2016


We started with a nice hamster pile of cuddles...
Then Mila found condiments in the fridge and posed with them. What is that face?! Haha!
Then a pen ran rampant in the dryer!! Not happy.
We had a yummy ramen for dinner. I finally made a ramen and didn't biff it!
And a nice ending to the day with family home evening...
I love my family for all these moments and the other stuff in between.

Hidden pond park

Liam has been asking to go to this cool park with a nature center for a few days! We went on Saturday with Ben!

Turtles! Frogs!!

Geese and goslings!

Mila did some walking on the trail with us :)

Then I made this inspired wreath :) paper flowers, so cool.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yellow Nana dress

There are very few things Nana likes more than making baby clothes (particularly dresses) and seeing that baby in it! We got this lovely little hat and dress in the mail today! Mila loves pretty clothes and she was all smiles, squeals, bounces, twinkle toes and arms flaps! I tried to capture it in pictures, but it only shows a fraction of her excitement.

My kind of fun

I got to do a lots of little fun things today too! I made a fun birthday cupcake gift for a friend I visit teach! I haven't made cupcakes in a long time! Funny, I used to make them all the time before Mila was born! I thought it would be fun to add a little watercolor painting to my gift too and so I did!

Ben stayed home with the littles so I could focus on Liam's kindergarten orientation. Lately he has been working to seal up small holes in the attic and then, not to my surprise, a large man size hole over the bathroom! He loves this sort of thing so he had a great rest of the afternoon too :). And I love watching him work ;) Yow!!
I put on my running shoes just before dinner time and went on a nice spring run on the trail with my babies. Liam did a great two mile scooter at top speed! I felt good and all enjoyed the fresh air.

While I was stretching Ezra found a garden snake under my mint plant! Minutes later, after telling the boys we need to leave it alone and not scare it, Mila lifted up the pot, grabbed the snake and shook it! Poor snake! I hope she is always interested in animals, but hopefully more gentle!
For dinner we then went out to a new restaurant! A Greek one that reminded me of "My big fat Greek wedding." It was tasty and a fun outing!