Monday, March 27, 2017

Cherry Blossoms!

We had a lovely picnic lunch in DC today! Ben met up with us and we walked over to the Lincoln Monument area where there are some lovely blossoming trees. We ate under a canopy of flowers and then got a few family pictures for posterity sake. :) Success!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Morning Fashion

This morning we needed to get our fashion on. So Mila rummaged through our dress-ups and I helped her into these lovely numbers!

All the while these superheroes camped out in the front room and roasted plastic smores over their plastic fire.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Some of our friends went frog egg hunting before the snow happened. They had a ton of eggs, but not all of them survived. They still offered us one of their hard earned tadpoles so that we too could watch it grow and metamorphosis into a frog! We have been taking care of this little guy for a little over a week now and have enjoyed watching him swim about and eat his cooked lettuce. It has been amusing to see what other creatures were in that pond water as well and see how they live symbiotically. I really hope we get to see this little guy grow to a frog!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

co-op Weaving

Once a month I get to teach geography and art in our co-op homeschool group. We have had a blast learning about Antoni Gaudi's architecture, Aboriginal art, Japanese origami, and this week we discussed weaving techniques in Ghana and then made woven bowls out of yarn and paper plates with the older kids and mini looms with the younger group. Ezra and Liam loved the weaving, but it was also a little frustrating at times. I am eager to try out weaving with them using paper strips next!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Les Chefs

When Ezra is at preschool on Tuesdays these two have the opportunity to hang, just the two of them. Often they run errands with me, but this time they got to build their kitchen skills.

They researched food in the Hungry Caterpillar and the Giant Jam Sandwich...
 They dressed in proper apparel...
 Then they taste tested to make sure the ingredients were fresh and delicious...
We are on our way to a successful family restaurant!

Amusing daily happenings

These kids are such good work. I am really grateful to be their mom. Sometimes I am really overwhelmed by their noises or their need to be watching all I do, but most of the time I am just amazed at them and who they are. We have had some really funny things happening repeatedly so I had to share and save it here! 

Liam is regularly talking/singing in a rock star style. We're gonna get that ca-Ar and drive it fa-AR. with great emphasis on that second syllable. It is a riot. I need to edit a video where he sings and then he does crowd cheering and he bows. Such a wonderful world he lives in! Here he is discussing flying techniques at the dinner table with his seriously double jointed arms!
 Downstairs in the basement we have a lot more room since we got rid of the second old taco couch. Now we have a bunch of pillows, blankets, the love sac and a few loose chairs. The kids regularly take all those items and make up one big soft island called Comfort Island. Some times they watch a show on Comfort Island, but some time they have grand adventures too. Sometimes I don't clean up Comfort Island at the end of the day and I just take a little vacation there.

Mila loves here stuffed animals. They are regularly laying around somewhere nearby where she is. Sometimes there is a need to move them with her and it is quite the feat. You see, they are color coordinated and they are many. To be in the carry club they need to be either white or pink it seems. More often than not the favored bunch is just carried and then she recites their name for all (buyah-beluga, maow- mouse, ki-ie- kitty)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fixing upping

We got to see our dear friends the D Family this weekend! It was especially fun because we got to help with projects in their new home! I helped build a shelf and a toddler bed!
 We got yummy Peruvian food and these little girls cracked us up with their little toddler ways!
 My silly boy with his silly side kick!
 Ben had a much more manly job. He and his manly accomplice pulled up all the carpet in the basement!! It is not a small basement!! We are so excited to see our friend's house shape into what they have dreamed! We had a great time as always with them and felt accomplished too!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Green day

Green is Liam's current favorite color and today is St. Patrick's day. Liam's name is Irish. Liam is in home school and we could make this awesome. So we did! Our friend who gave us a ton of great book for holidays, education and such gave two fun St. Patricks day books. We read them, dressed in green, and ate Lucky Charms and green smoothies for breakfast. We had some friends over for some visiting teaching and then we went out to get supplies to build a leprechaun trap!! 

these festive green specs are also a Zenni purchase!
 After a very green lunch of guacamole, kale chips, green deviled eggs, green hummus and cucumbers, and pesto grilled cheese, we got to work on our leprechaun trap. I told the kids that leprechauns were not real, but it is a really fun thing to play and imagine about them. Liam's creative brain was working over time. Ezra kept reminding them that they aren't real, but Liam isn't giving up hope and keeps checking the trap! Fun guy!

the green paper is a trap door. We still have no leprechaun. We thought a big pot of gold would have done the trick!

After a good rest time we made some rainbow hearts and stuck them on our neighbors doors to give them something fun and festive too. The kids and I had fun walking around the neighborhood after such a cold week!! It was a good day of celebrating! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wonderful Happenings

The Dad getting trapped with love on a regular basis...

 Albondigas Soup! A Soqui Family favorite! It has been too long since I made this!!!
 A wonderful Jack-o-lantern smile! And another lose one up top already!!!
 Getting my first check for organizing. It feels like someone paid me for playing!!
 A little girl who loves and misses her cousin L by wearing this dress every week if not more. I'm looking at pictures and I think she sneaks it in whenever she can!! (heart eyes)
Kids who play TV by doing work outs (like T25) and having baking competitions and yelling out - Bakers are you ready?! - BAKE! (reference to the Great British Bake off) It is all about balance ;)

Zenni Optical

Here are my favorite Zenni specs! The red ones!
I am not paid or sponsored by Zenni Optical, it is just that amazing that I need to share it. Prescription glasses for under $40. Stop spending hundreds of dollars people! I have ordered three different pairs of glasses from Zenni over the last year (all funky ones just for fun)
and they have been the same quality of my other glasses. They have a huge variety of styles and colors and I love them. Especially for kids who have glasses and may lose or break them, this is amazing! For people who love variety in their specs, again amazing. So go donate those old glasses to a good organization like the Lion's club and get some new ones. Or threes!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Snow?

Weather, you are so strange. Snow. In March. In Virginia. Ok, we will take it. But I'm a little annoyed about the Daffodils freezing...