Friday, November 27, 2015

Can hardly wait!

It is the day after thanksgiving! No arguments! It's free reign for Christmas apparel! 

All my brand new babies ornaments!
We got these neat southern Chinese bride dolls last year, but didn't get to use them because we were away from our stuff in Utah!
Mila's stocking is up with the rest of us!


I was put in charge of desserts this year. I love it when that happens! I made vanilla ice cream and apple crisp with homemade caramel to top, pumpkin cheesecake and salted pecan pie tarts! If we will be celebrating, we will do it with good treats!
It was a great time with Benjiman's cousins in Maryland! Three of the five cousins of this Bohman family were there. It is always a party when even one cousin is there so with three we had a blast! We talked and ate and laughed a ton. We played bocci ball at the park across the way and played the card game "the great dalmuti" when it got dark.
Mila and cousin S played together chasing each other, giggling and trying to climb stairs before getting caught. I look forward to seeing these girls as they grow together.


Little miss is getting very good at this eating business. Even still some measures must be made to save her clothes from too many stains.
I got rid of the boy's aprons when we moved. I knew Mila would need some pretty girl ones anyway :).

Monday, November 23, 2015

Her baby

Mila loves her baby doll. Really it is the extra doll that the boys never play with. Liam loves the east Asian doll, Ezra the dark skinned doll and so the little European descent doll sat lonely. (This makes me grin a little because my kids are drawn to different ethnicities and that is wonderful!) So Mila got the leftover and she gives it kisses and hugs and talks to it every time she gets a chance! It resides on her pretty bed that we are transitioning her to and so it makes that bed extra wonderful!
Her baby and foxes and my sock monkey from when I was little. :)

I'm fairly certain she says "got it!" and then "sure!" when i ask her to give the baby kisses. she is really good at picking up words and trying to use them!

Gearing up

It is "California cold" right now, but it will be getting much colder soon. I enjoy layering and cozy warm things so this excites me! 
We now have our mittens, hats and slippers in a basket... (oh and a boy too)
Double blankets on the beds...
And then there was the missing rod for the coat closet. The boys found it over and over and were using it as boys would, so I hide it from them. We weren't using it for coats at the moment so it wasn't a problem, but it became one when it got cooler and we had too many rain jackets, sweaters and coats on the hooks. I diligently searched. I prayed. I asked around. I hide it too well. And then this morning I found it hidden in the root beer cellar!
So now we have the coat closet and a basket of socks beneath! Because no boy of mine puts socks on when getting dressed for whatever reason!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Terrarium- vegetarium

I have a love of pickles- pickled cucumbers. Yum. Oh yum. So I had a huge Costco size container that we just finished off and then there was a big jar just sitting there. I thought- I could do something great with this big jar, but what? 
Then I remembered those quirky terrariums with ewoks, hobbits and other quirky creatures in them. So I gathered some glass containers (and was even given the fish bowl from a friend!) and the proper supplies and today was the magic day! 
Liam was so excited that he couldn't stop asking questions and repeating the same questions he had asked multiple times! Liam called them vegetariums and vegetarians all week as we gathered supplies. It was pretty funny to imagine vegetarians in glass jars on our piano. So I put vegetarian dinosaurs in there to complete the joke :).

Ben loves this sort of thing too and had a great time arranging dinosaurs when we finished. :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Babies that rock

I enjoy music, but the music lives in Benjiman. Hence we have babies that love dancing and I have been lucky enough to catch them all on video. It was impossible to download videos to my blog in China, so Ezra's is added along side Mila's, Ezra's is too epic to not add.

Here is Liam's baby dancing video too while we are enjoying all this dancing goodness.

Oh how I love a dancing baby!

This lovely Morning

 banana bread and eggs for a simple, yummy breakfast...
 The sun shining through my rainbow tree out my kitchen window...
babies smiling and giggling left and right... Then the clang of big boys responsibly taking care of their own dishes. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I believe in Angels

On Wednesday took care of our grocery shopping and were getting in and out of the car. The boys are super helpful at getting in and out and getting seat belts on. They were getting tired though and gradually becoming less than good listeners. As I was putting groceries in the car I asked Ezra to get his seat belt on and stop messing around. I said it over and over, but sometimes we just don't listen do we. As I walked around the back of the car to go regulate I heard him fall. I saw him upside down with his head on the cement curb and his legs up on the car. He was wiggling and crying and scared. I was even more scared. I carefully picked him up and inspected him. Then I saw his little head and I started to cry. It seems the cement shaved off his hair and scratched off another section. He cried for a little, but he had no concussion or strange movements or anything peculiar so I tried to calm myself down the rest of the day.
All I could think about was how it could have been so much worse! I could list the possibilities, but then what fun would my mother have with her crazy imagination? (I think I get a good part of my imagination from her, although mine seems less morbid ;) ). Angels are real. This little boy is so sure footed and hardly ever gets hurt in his wild stunts. I really believe with all the terrible that could have happened by falling on his head he was fortunate that this time it was not his time to be seriously injured. Somehow Angels were able to get to him when I couldn't. Now I just hope his hair will all grow back alright!
On the car ride home he and Liam were talking about how they would tell Dad about what happened. Ezra would repeatedly finish with- and then I lost all my hair! Even in crazy times he has a great sense of story telling and silliness!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Little miss has been developing skills so fast we have to say it skillz!

When she wants me to get out of bed she goes to the edge and makes to get down, but doesn't actually want to get down if I try to help her down. Then she does it again and again till I get the hint.
She has found the toilet paper roll and the joys of shredding paper up.
She has (finally) taken to sitting in her own chair and munching. The key was that she needed a proper bowl, not a mess of pieces on her tray.
She is crawling off to go play by herself! Unheard of a few weeks ago.
She just started clapping and is thrilled that I think this is so funny and cute! It is too. See?!


I'm making stuff

I try to think of Christmas gifts early so I don't stress about it later. I'm talking months early. I have been adjusting my Christmas list for my boys for a long time now and I'm still not satisfied. 
I determined to do more handmade gifts this year too! Over the past few days I have been working on stuff and this is it!
Mila's first baby doll whose pigtails became cat ears "on purpose". Ben teases me she is like a fawn only in cat form! Haha!
Ok, not Christmas, but this is Mila's birthday crown for a few weeks after Christmas!
A blanket inspired by fire for my brother
New seasonal jammie pants for my boys.

I have a few more things in working on, but I'm almost done!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Biking around the lake

It was a beautiful day, even if it was a bit chill! So we bundled everyone up and set out for a bike ride! We took the cross county trail near our house and biked to the nearby lake and then went around the lake! It was a great adventure and a lot of fun!
After the loop we stopped off at the lake for a picnic and then biked back home and planned and prepared a lovely autumn meal to top off this perfect autumn day!