Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Last year I realized we were short on patriotic decor, which is a shame for how deep country service is in our families. Ben's dad is a retired marine corps officer, his brother is in med school with Air Force and we both have grandparents, uncles, and even cousins who have, or do serve. We are a diplomat family and so we also serve our country.

 I am realizing I have many people in my family to be proud of for their service. I feel some patriotic colors should be present on these patriotic holidays. It is high time I build up my decor to celebrate! When we get to Virginia I am determined to do even better. :)

Monday, May 25, 2015


On our Memorial Day weekend camp out we decided some climbing was in order. So the next morning we hiked over to a new climbing spot and got ourselves situated. 

Liam did his first climb!!
My first climb post pardum! What a challenging climb to welcome me back!

It was a lovely day of climbing with friends!

Thank you veterans and acting servicemen for serving our country! Thank you to their families!

Memorial camp out!

After church on Sunday We grabbed our friends the W family to go camping a few hours up north. We set up camp by a nice stream and a lovely view of the mountains. We talked, we ate, kids played and we enjoyed our time out of doors!

Mila's first campout! She did great and we had a blast!

Peanut butter

Guess who love peanut butter like me and can eat it by the spoonful. I need to get stock in this stuff. My family alone is a great asset to Skippy.

Piano tuning lesson

This weekend I started to learn how to tune pianos from my friend A. It was so enlightening and fun! C and I were taught together and so we learned our preliminaries on hers and will be practicing on my piano. We both squired pianos in this moving season :). I need practice so I figure now is a great time since I'll be moving anyway and will need to tune my piano again once we move. I am so excited about this new skill!


I looked forward to making skirts and dresses by getting fabric, but the time to actually make these things has been hard to find. So today I had the idea and as soon as she went to bed I ran to my sewing room and whipped these up! I'm so excited!!

Last day

It is amazing! Some of these kids will go to kindergarten, some one more year of homeschool. Either way, this is the last day of class. The end of the year party will be our last event in about a week. 

I have loved this group of kids. It will be sad to have our last grouping and eventually to say good bye.


I think I feel a Halloween family theme coming on!!

Last week of preschool

I can hardly believe our co-op school year is almost over! It was great taking a month per mother, and I got the gift of starting the school year and finishing it! It is amazing to see how these kids have grown and developed! It is neat to see the systems they understand and now expect. 
Ezra wanted to be around everyone and just wanted to be included in September, but now he is a contributor! He is learning the systems and I look forward to starting preschool with him in the fall. I hope we find some new friends to do a group with.
On Tuesday we followed the monthly theme of gardening and focused on flowers and the letter f.
We gathered flowers at the park

Then made flower hats!

We lived snack and story/rest time
And made paper gardens too!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spring fair

The international school had their big fair today and so we took our tuk tuk and our friends and scooted on over! We didn't do the games and enormous slides, but we loved being around all the action on the soft shaded grass. It was a lovely day outside.

Ezra was giddy to see beimax
HDR did something funny with this pic, but Liam still looks sweet

Unicorn baby