Friday, July 31, 2015

Grandma's rock garden

The number of grandkids has doubled in this family since we last added a rock. (Ezra's, and I decided to re-do it anyway!)

So I talked with the sister in laws and they let me do their kids rocks too so we could update the garden! It has been slow going but I have finally finished!!

Auntie E time

We had a lovely afternoon with auntie E and her Squeeze. Punching pillows, making dinner, and playing outside! We love our Auntie!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Earthquake park

It was not planned that we went to earthquake park on the very day of a minor earthquake, but very cool. 

We visited with Auntie H in between her flights from Juneau and Texas and so we got pizza and in store brewed root beer for our picnic.

Then we bopped over to the shoreline and enjoyed the late "sun dip".


It has been so fun to see these boys run around outside!
Ben is having fun outside too! He and his dad repaired the "shooting range" in the yard and had some fun shooting. 

We watched from the window so our ears didn't hurt (and for some safe distance) :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby pictures

My mom sent me pictures and so I had to take this rare opportunity of being at Ben's parent's house to compare baby pictures to our babies!

I'm five there, but I we lack a toddler picture of me

So now I'm going through the lot and making up something fun!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bohman fishermen

We woke up to another beautiful day in Alaska and ate our oatmeal outside.
The kids and I went on a walk along the flats to see what we could see.
We saw these brown cranes and heard their funny calls.
Then it was back to the business of fishing:). We just played catch and release, and a lot of it! This little river had so many pinks in it!

Dad Bohman has a neat reverence for fish that I admire. He always gently takes out the hooks and gently puts them back when they are snag caught (it is against the law to keep a fish not caught in the mouth). I am grateful that this kind, imperfect, gentle man raised my husband.

When our time was up on our camp reservation we went to the Seaview Cafe down the road and had an amazing lunch of halibut and chips and the best Reuben sandwiches any of us had ever had.
Then we drove a little bit until we were at a scenic side stop and ate our Haagen Dazs bars with the beauty of Alaska as our back drop.
Time to go back to Grandma. What a great week of outdoor adventuring!

Fishing in Hope

This place is so cool. Dirt, rocks, a shallow stream, sticks, flowers... The kids were playing in heaven. We all caught fish and by afternoon I had caught my limit!! Three fish!! I even threw one back!!

I loved seeing Liam fish with Ben and seeing Ezra inspecting each gift from the sea. It was a perfect day.

After naps we found we needed more diapers so I set out to make sure we didn't have bare bottomed babies. This is the other story that doubly leads me to loving Hope.
I went to the front office of the campgrounds to ask about diapers and the lady there called up the two places in town that might have diapers. One answered the phone, but didn't have diapers. The other was a short walk, but didn't answer the phone. I love a nice walk so I strolled down Main Street and was charmed by the dirt road, the log homes, the green, the flowers everywhere and the good energies of homesteads.
When I got the the store it was closed early, so I started to go back when I saw a young pregnant mother with a little boy about Ezra's age. I asked her about living here and she and her friend told me about a sharing community and slow living. This sounds magical to me. When I asked where I could buy diapers she told me that the shop I was at is the only place, but the keeper left early and never does that. To my delighted surprise she just called up the keeper and let her know I needed diapers, but not before offering me what she had. Wow.
The keeper came back to the shop, I bought diapers and then told her about how I was hoping to buy some flour. She didn't have any but she called the other shop down the road to see if they had some. Turns out they did, so she gave me the safest, prettiest, quickest walking directions to the shop. As I got to walking she popped back in her car and as she drove by she offered to just drive me there! Wow!
We got the flour for our tortillas and a few more things to make a peach crisp with our peaches that we had on the counter of our trailer kitchen. I walked back to camp along a beautiful dirt path with big trees and a babbling creek. I would have just taken the road had I not met these great people and I would have missed the lovely walk! 
When I got back to Main Street there was the young mother again and she asked- did you find all you needed? Wow! Yes, and even more. What a neat homestead community. Dad Bohman said, that is the way all of Alaska used to be. 

My turn

It was a busy, rainy day and my turn to fish. I couldn't fish all day on account of milk duty, but I took my turn and relished every minute! Dad Bohman took me to the magic fishing island and it was packed!

Me casting out my fishing line in that quick current of Kenai River.

We jumped in one spot for a bit, but fish weren't biting so we moved along to wait for better spots. Dad Bohman and I sat on a rock and chatted on the Kenai River in the rain. It was a great time and a beautiful memory. Soon enough it was baby feeding time so we hiked back to the car and then grabbed some cinnamon rolls before we went back to the kids and Ben.

That night we packed up our site behind the grocery store and drove to Hope. Along the side of the road we stopped and made hamburgers. We felt like modern nomads. :)

We we got to charming, beautiful Hope the kids and I ran out to watch the fishermen. This place was hot with fish!! So we got the kids to bed and Dad Bohman and I went out for some night fishing in the nighttime sunlight. I'm proud to say I caught my first salmon that night! I didn't keep it since it was so late and we didn't want to clean it, but it got me excited for Thursday morning!

Hello America!

Day one: Ben and Grandpa went out to this magical island on the Kenai River and fished for Reds. They came home with three and lots of good stories. ;) So what did the kids and I do while they combat fished?
Well... We had parked out trailer and cars in the back lot of Fred Myer grocery store with a bunch of other RV's. It works out well for all since these RV's have a place to park and the store gets lots of business.
 So once we all woke up, dressed and ate the boys and I went to the store to marvel and wonder at the ease that is American grocery stores. We got some good stuffs and forgotten undies and even a toy for each boy!
Then after a good lunch and nap we went to the nearest river access, which happened to be under a bridge, and set to playing with rocks, sticks, and toy fishing poles. There were friends to be made and good fun for all!

When our mighty men came home we made up some salad, mash potatoes (with funny tasting water, so it didn't turn out quite right- we ate some still) and the precious salmon fried up in butter and garlic on the stove! A feast for the eyes and mouth. Nothing is as special and tasty as a freshly caught salmon!