Friday, July 22, 2016

Ultimate road trip-Nauvoo

Three states!!! We zipped through Ohio (at least it felt zippy to me. I think whenever I'm not the person driving it is much zippier!) and the view from our car was mostly corn fields and soy fields with a town or city here and there. 
Mila and I did some coloring in the morning and enjoyed the creative break.

We try to stretch and wiggle whenever we pit stop. Mila's hip stretcher is my favorite.
There are gorgeous wild flowers of white and blue and purple along the highways! So pretty! In Illinois we took a lot of scenic highways and got to see homes and farms and small towns! So much nicer than endless freeway!
When we got to old town Nauvoo the first person I saw was M, a girl in my young woman class at church from Beijing!! She and her family were performing in the Nauvoo pageant!!! We all got caught up and laughed at the small world we live in! Here is C and I!!

The Nauvoo Pagaent was great! Such a fun summery, history rich thing to do as a family!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ultimate Bohman cross country road trip!

We set out as soon as Ben got home!! All we excited and anxious to get on the road! Reusable sticker books, silly putty and snacks ruled with a movie thrown in the mix as well!!

We rested nestled in between three states for the night and a big day of driving awaits us! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leg stretching

We have a big huge road trip planned and we are all really excited about it. I know all the sitting will be tricky for us, so I'm hoping a good bike ride to the lake and play ground time this morning will help us later!
Ezra and I did turbo-crazy-town swings and this is what he thought of it :)
Liam made new friends, as he is known to do, and then when they had to leave he played with the sibs. I love these mighty kids!
I told Mila to show me her muscles and she did this daring pose. Made my stomach turn...
During quiet time we painted. We have seen a lot of different bugs on the trail this week- must be bug season! So I decided to look up the bugs that impressed me and then paint them. The green one was my favorite, it is metallic in real life!

Kid made snacks

We dove into our kids cook book again on Monday. This time Mila got to help! Liam was the goofiest book holder and all enjoyed practicing those stiring skills!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pennsylvania State Arboretum

There is nothing like relaxing and talking to an old friend. L and I had three days of catching up, thoughtful discussion, laughing, sharing and enjoying each other. She is such a treasure of a friend. I loved our time together! We spent Sunday morning chatting and eating yummy zucchini bread while the kids played. We made pretzels and chatted some more, and then we went to the arboretum!
Talk about beautiful and inspiring gardens! L and I both enjoy gardening and we both enjoy making things, so seeing the artful way this garden was put together was awesome! There were lots of kid friendly features too that we all loved!

A natural kaliedescope!!

We had such a great time with our friends! I look forward to their visit to DC in the fall!!

Best friend time, day two!

It was so fun to watch these little girls together! Our daughters are about the ages we were when L and I first met! L was such a fabulous host and made us baked French toast in the morning! We ate outside in the perfect morning weather.

After some play and planning we jumped on the bus and went to see the Penn State football team do their muscle man contest. It was a charity event I think and they lifted and pushed lots of big stuff! It was fun, but honestly, my favorite part was L's picnic!!

Not to break with our action packed days, we drove over to the lake after naps and we all played in the lake!