Friday, August 26, 2016

Tomatoes for me

Can I express how happy a warm, sun ripened tomato makes me? Then you put it on fresh bread with mayo, salt and pepper... So heavenly. I added a bit more flair this time, but a meat isn't necessary when the tomatoes are this fresh! I'm so glad these tomatoes are finally going red!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bike ride to Accotink

The weather has been perfect this week staying in the 80's with humidity at bearable. We grabbed our neighbors and rode to the lake this morning. We played, snacked, rode the carousel and then played in the creek. It was the quintessential summer outing. :)

Journal catch up

Sunday afternoon we were so lucky to get a visit from one of our favorite missionaries! He has been home two years from his mission now, and it was beautiful chance that we saw him and got to reconnect. Mila helped me make pizza and we all got caught up.
Liam has these missionary action figures and he named them after our favorite missionaries at the time. So of course we had to have J.N. pose with his companion :).
Monday we pulled out Ezra's bike because he is determined to bike on the trail with us and I told him he could when he could ride his bike well in front of the house. He has never done so well as this afternoon! Ha! Even Mila got some bike time out front!

Tuesday we caught up with friends from Beijing who have moved to Springfield!! We went to Hidden pond park together and caught fish and watched the turtles.

I have been working on family history on my father's side this week. He sent me this neat picture of the family tree his mother made for him in his baby book. I have been so fortunate as to find new family names to add to the tree! Over 25 names! This side is really tricky at times because of the records being from another country, but this week it has been so rewarding!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bohman Saturday

It all began with Mila making brother jokes by sticking her booty up in the air and laughing and saying, "booby" because that is how she says booty. :)
Then we drove to Burke lake and had a fantastic bike ride. Liam impressed us all again by doing the whole 4.7 mile trail like a champ.

Our home teacher invited us for a BBQ and we feasted!!

In the evening was pool time and the day was a success

Practicing being a mom...

Because moms go to the park with their bags to the park. Bags filled with costume jewelry, right?!
Because even when getting ready for bed a mom carries their phone and their baby. Totally true.
Looks like she has the basics down.She is going to be a great mom!

Know what's gratifying?

Going out in a cool summer morning walk...
My tomatoes getting red!
My first garden cucumbers!!
Having my boys play with my hair...
Watching squirrels eat upside down from our dogwood tree...
Climbing to the top of a once high place and conquering!
Building that Lego set (for the second time ever! ha!)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ben's robots

Ben's brother in law and he share a bond. A bond in love for gadgetry. Our dear brother in law made it a profession, so Ben gets to geek out every time they get together. I love how great their friendship is! Ben came home with a small airplane after we left Missouri and he has been practicing flying it often. Not every tree has met his plane, but a few have. Last night we all went to the school close by and watched Ben fly. It was really fun to see it fly and see Ben look like a little boy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Soqui family photo

We finally got a new family photo when I visited my family in Utah!! My oldest niece was at girls church camp so we left a spot to photo shop her in the family photo and grandkids photo. I finally got her picture and a trial version of Photoshop CC (amazing!!!) and got her in there! So much fun to do!

Here is our little family photo. Some day we will have a mega family photo to take, but I'm glad we don't have to coordinate that yet!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cook book challenge

Years ago my friend LP recommended this Jamie Oliver cook book. I love book recommendations and a book that involves food is the best kind! I used to have more cook books, but I am finding that I use mostly digital recipes on my phone. With how often we move I don't need extra stuff and moving weight, so I've gotten rid of a lot of cook books that I don't use (either because they don't have realistic ingredients, are not palatable for even my adventurous eaters, aren't yummy or aren't easy to use). Many books are gone, but the often used remain. Though this Jamie Oliver book remains even though it isn't often used.

This cook book is one that I have found a few good things in, but haven't explored much. I have hope for it now that there is less clutter and a plan. It seems so promising and user friendly that I am determined to work my way through it. I just need a plan, so J.O. day will happen once a week from here on until I'm satisfied. Today we had a big lunch because church goes through dinner time on Sundays. It was too hot to have the oven on, so Ben BBQed our pork loin. My sweet neighbor let me have some of her rosemary so we could do this right and we had a lovely meal!


Mila is In a hat fetish. She loves them and is gradually keeping them on longer and longer. She loves seeing herself in pictures and in a hat is even better. 

This little girl has developed her speech a lot in the past month and enunciates much better than before. She doesn't have the majority of sounds yet, but she has a lot! Whatever she doesn't have in sound she mimes. She would have really thrived with baby sign language if I did it. 

I find myself looking forward to the next stage of development with Mila because she does things so individually and with such enthusiasm. Then I have to tell myself to savor the moment and stage because, faster than I would like, she will be past it. What an amazing person I get to call daughter!

Nana made this adorable red dress for Mila. She wore it to church today for her first time in nursery in our ward!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Plein Air Watercolor

My neighbor E is a fellow artist and gardener. She is wonderful and I love her. She told me about a Plein Air watercolor class a month ago and I jumped to sign up. Saturday we had our class and a wonderful time. Our instructor was so personal, so skilled and helpful! She talked about lighting, composition, supplies and methods to try out. The class was on our "very own trail" by our house and so I got an even closer interaction with our trail than ever before.

I love her Plein Air water color set! It is in an altoids box!

I haven't worked with water colors like this before. I am openly intimidated by it, but I wanted to push myself and stretch my skills. I am often in the upper middle in skill in art classes, but this time I was at the bottom! Such skilled artists I studied with! This was such a humbling, inspiring, broadening experience. I learned about my approach, solidified ideas I had learned before, figured out what not to do and pushed myself!
Here are my favorite quotes our instructor said:
Your notebook is for you. They are your notes. It isn't for display. It is your day and your experience. You spent a day out and this is your record. 

If you don't like something, do more of it! It may be too repetitive, all by itself or too much attention.

A mirror image is not as interesting as broken up.

In Plein air limit your colors!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The butterfly suit

I wasn't planning on bringing out this suit because it doesn't block the sun much. But then I saw it in Mila's box of clothes we have from friends and finds and I put it in the drawer. It must be worn!! We wanted to go swimming on such a hot day, but naps were in the way and Mila was sure we should wait till after naps. I brought out this suit and her mind was completely changed! 
She squealed and asked for me to put it on her. Then she showed her brothers and they complimented her on her butterfly and she loved that. Then I stopped to talk to a neighbor and she had to show them her butterfly too! Haha! Pictures were in order and Mila gave a great show of excitement. This girl is so fun!