Monday, April 21, 2014

Fam photo


Easter celebrations

I'm still working on our Easter traditions, but I like this idea of baskets after church. Liam has been telling everyone for weeks that vacation means Easter at nana and papas and he is getting a drill. He squealed and smiled so big and would not put down the drill for the rest of the day!

Ezra loved the marshmallows in the eggs!

We egg hunted with cousins and then had a deviled egg frenzy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A little hike

We did a little hike to a waterfall in Sandy! It was fun and short. Then we BBQed and the kids dyed some Easter eggs! What a day!


My dear friend k-wolf ( that's what we called her in high school. It's a good story) got married since we last visited and now she is pregnant with a baby boy!!! I got to meet her husband, adore her belly and laugh and talk with her this afternoon at the park. Oh how I love my friend!

Horse back riding!

We made some friends with our friends is Beijing's son and his girlfriend and the lovely girlfriend works with horses. She invited us to go riding when we went to Utah and so we took her up on the offer! Nana and papa watched the kids for is when we went on a little ride. These were the best horses I have ever rode on. We had a blast!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

To the temple!!

My parents live close to the river Jordan temple in Utah. I was so looking forward to going to the temple, I hadn't been since Ezra was born! When I realized I forgot my very vital and important temple recommend at home in Beijing I was so bummed. Yet I made calls and found a way to have my branch president contact them to let them know I was ok to go in! Friends helped me get a hold of my BP and as soon as I had the green light I rallied together my sister and her husband, my parents and dropped off my babies with their much older cousins. Phew! What a close one!
The temple session was beautiful, uplifting, peaceful and the new video in the endowment session really is as amazing as I heard it was. I am so very grateful we got to go to the temple.

For the love of B

My dear old friend B was discovered at girls camp in high school. I had the pleasure of being her roomate for a school year in college and last night we all had the pleasure of her company at the best taco place in Utah, lone star tacos. We went to the park to play afterward and to make memories and catch up. What a serious treat!

In the backyard with cousins

We went over to my sisters house to play and the boys were on love with her American dream backyard! I loved it too!


Soccer fundraiser at BBQ place!

Good idea huh?! My niece's team served the tables a standard meal of pulled pork, salad, drinks and chips! Ezra's favorite part was mixing together all the leftovers in my cup afterward. :)