Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Taking care of our preschool selves

This week I get to teach Liam's preschool class! There was a good amount of dressing up and playing...
But there were also some great lesson plans in our joy school program. We talked about taking care of our bodies and eating lots of vegetables. We even made a vegetable soup!

We talked about the importance of eating five fruits and vegetables a day and colored and glued vegetables on our five fingers drawing.
Then it was on to the obstacle course! Jumping, balancing, spinning and walking figure eights!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Big dreams

My boys love looking at my sea creatures identification book.even before they ever knew of Wild kratts! I think it is cool too, but I'm not 2 or 5. This early interest gives me grand day dreams of kids who adventure around the islands of the pacific as animal researchers or are park rangers who protect habitats or they travel the globe for the newest bbc animal film! It may not be a high paying jobs, but the quality of life would make us all very happy I'm sure. Oh to dream for them!

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Love this tree with its fall color and birds that munch of its berries


The boy's room
Kids bathroom
Mila's room 
The masters' bedroom
Masters' bathroom

The basement

We have watched movies as a family down here, but not furnished! How blessed to get to watch general conference together on our furniture!
Watching the world report in between sessions
My art space 
The bathroom and food storage area
My laundry and storage area

Chairs into beloved chairs

We bought a dining set in the embassy used furniture auction before we left. It needs a little help to make it feel like it is mine.

The cushions were well used and I wanted something brighter for my space. So I got to work!
Priming the chairs
Painting and sealing
All while Mila slept on my back!
I now love them and can't wait to tackle the table next!

The main floor

There are small aspects that I have planned and will be changing in these spaces, but for now this is how we are functioning in this home of ours.

I will be painting that cabinet and that table soon!

This is a special Alaskan treasure! I love its vintage flair and antique beauty. It was the "unwanted by other family" item of our dear deceased Grandma BJ Bohman. It is now one of my dearest family history possessions.
These are very fun too! American national parks posters! Denali, Alaska, Arches, Utah, Shenandoah, Virginia, Joshua tree, California. I love them and the memories of the adventures we had in those parks.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting settled in

We have been working on putting things in a place and organizing and decorating since the shipment came. I am driven. Driven with a psychotic focus to have this place look welcoming, tidy and cheerful. I only have 24 months of this official posting and two months have already past! I have to get settled quickly before it is already over!

I am making lots of progress and Ben even took off Monday to help! I still have a list of things I want done before I share a home tour, but I am working on it!! Maybe by the end of next weekend?

The first three days we went out or went to a friends for dinner. Chick-fil-a was Monday and it was family night with balloons and crafts! The boys got ninja turtle ballons and were so excited. On the car ride home Ezra kept saying Elam-ardo, Elam-ardo, (then in a movie trailer voice) Elam-ardo. Yes, Ezra says Leonardo in a unique way. You may recall he says Liam as Elam, so I suppose this only makes sense!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The sea shipment has arrived!

After a little over four hours of un packing the crates and then unpacking the boxes we had all our stuff! I love that the movers will unpack the boxes because that is such a time saver. Our house is nuts, but it is coming together. Bit by bit.

Friday, September 25, 2015


This never happens anymore because Liam is too big for naps. I love napping with all my babies!


I just took a dialect test on newyorktimes.com. I think linguistics and dialect for America is super interesting! My test got me very close to home with central California as the estimate! Fresno/ Santa Rosa/ Bakersfield. How fun!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I love Halloween. I love family themed costumes too. Just wait and see for the rest of us, but this is a fantastic preview!

Preschool happenings

Liam is getting better and better at writing his name. I love this.
At preschool they are talking about themselves and their families and bodies this month. They made up themselves with play clay and Liam asked if he could do the private parts too. His teacher said,  sure that is apart of your body too. So when I picked him up I looked at it and smiled and said, is that what I think it is? She smiled and told the story. We did our best to be serious for a few minutes and then I leaned over as seriously as I could and said- I'm dying.

Then if that wasn't a great enough story, as we walked to the car Liam told me how he made a little girl and I said, but it has a penis. And he replied, it is a little girl penis. Still not grasping the concept...

As we parked the car he went to play with his art work and made peeing sounds with it hanging out the door and said, she's peeing outside! Like we are in China!!

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving giggles.

Happy birthday Squirrel

My dear boy is five. Five!
With his remote control car nana and papa gave him :)
Ezra all partied up
We had tacos for his birthday dinner
And he told me weeks before that he wanted strawberry, mango cupcakes with vanilla
We invited the missionaries in our ward to celebrate with us and picnic on our floor

Liam asked for a tank and a bow and arrow for his birthday and that is precisely what he got. I wanted to do a scavenger hunt for them like last year, but we don't have our stuff so there isn't really anywhere to hide them! Haha!
My Liam is a very sweet boy. He is sensitive and helpful and loving. He impresses me with his sweetness and musical talent. I love this boy!!