Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cox Farm Fall Festival

Ben and I went to Cox Farm 8 years ago and I said, "Oh, wouldn't it be amazing to take our future kids here someday?!" That day finally came on Monday. We wanted to go last year, but ticket prices are out of our range if it isn't a weekday discounted day (there are only 5 of those!).  Anyway, It was a perfect cool fall day and we had a blast enjoying all the slides and wonder of Cox Farm!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just like Nana

Loosing teeth is a very fun thing. I remember my mom being excited to pull out my loose tooth (only now that I am the mom do I get the excitement!) and I thought it was great too even though I was nervous every time. My family used methods like pliers and plucking out the tooth with finger nails. I can't remember which I preferred as they were both nerve wrecking. The past three teeth Liam and I have pushed the tooth backwards or forwards and then he wiggles it all day long and it falls out with one final push at the end of the day. He is still nervous about it and we play a game of "come and get me!" but it is all good fun and in the end we are both satisfied because the tooth is out. Tonight yet another tooth has left Liam's mouth! This is especially great because picture day at school is on the 29th and he will get to have a matching toothless picture with Nana's toothless kindergarten picture. Heart, heart, heart.

Burke Mini-Golf

In a strange event of prior responsibilities falling through we decided to take the family miniature golfing Saturday. It did not disappoint.

When the 18 holes were over the balls went home and Mila was a bit distressed about that. :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Base picnic

Handmade Christmas

I like starting early for Christmas. It makes me feel so much more relaxed during the season. This past week I have been working on Christmas gifts for the kids. It has been so fun to see my ideas come to form! I wanted to make half of the gifts this year to save some money, but now I'm seeing that making the gifts has really been more of a gift to myself! I love making things and I haven't taken the time to sew for a while now. It has been so energizing! Here are my presents I made! I'm so excited!

For Mila, some dress ups!

I have some friends from church who like to make things and we are trying to get together once a month. On Wednesday night we made little hair bows! Mila loves them, but she isn't used to the feeling of them yet, so she is losing hair when she pulls them out! Yikes! Hopefully that stops soon!
For Ezra

For Liam