Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

I have been laboring at growing a baby. 
Liam saw the baby
Ezra saw the baby
And we saw the baby in my belly too! 

We are having a baby girl!! She is healthy and strong! We are looking forward to meeting her in the flesh in 20 more weeks!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

To Singapore!

Today we traveled to Singapore! It was a good trip and we are charmed by this place once again. We ate Tony Roma's ribs for dinner (I know, not very cultural, but so needed and enjoyed!), walked around all the malls and people and are looking forward to a whole day of play tomorrow!
Did I mention my 20 week ultrasound is tomorrow?! Yup! We'll see what type of little Bohman we have tomorrow!

Just a stroll down orchard rd with Spider-Man! Love Singapore!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Book fair!

I went to the local book fair put on by Roundabout- the second hand shop that donates it proceeds to children with needs and the like. Anyway, it was packed! Yet I found a book called Ezra's Quest and it was a cute little book with neat illustration so I bought it! That and these cool shades for my boys.

I found them like this- napping away :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

At the markets

A friend of ours planned a tour of the fun markets in the area on Thursday. It was such a blast! There were six ladies who all went and I enjoy every one of them like crazy! We had our little kids who aren't in school with us and we went to the second hand store- round about, we went to the outdoor strip mall with all the fun local furniture stores and the great carving gift shop, and then we went to the flower market and saw the framing shops and fish and plant sellers. It was a busy, fun morning!

Duplo Legos

We have crossed into this realm. They don't know about the hype. They don't know that everyone else thinks these are amazing too. They just know that duplo Legos are a whole lot if fun and play with them all the time.
 We borrowed a friends little set and they are so absorbed in this building fun! I was going to wait to get them these blocks for Christmas, but even Liam's birthday feels too far away! Still, that is as close as I can get for this awesome gift! This is what we have been doing in any down time that we aren't playing with friends in this weeks lovely weather. :)

Monday, August 25, 2014


I love seeing the unique traits in my boys. Sure they have similarities, but the differences are what make us all interesting and able to make the world flavorful! 
Liam loves singing, Ezra loves dancing. Liam and Ezra both love reading and looking at story books. I love that too! Liam likes telling stories and pretending to write. Maybe he will be an author?! Ezra likes coloring, maybe he will be my little artist?! 
It is neat to see how their different interests can benefit and balance each other and our family. Family dynamics are so cool!
Liam's writings at church today
Ezra's drawings at church today

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ming Tombs Campout

In an effort to maintain mental health, Benjiman allotted himself one three day weekend each month if there was no holiday to give him one anyway. This weekend was his "take the Friday off" weekend! Lucky for us there was a beautiful windy storm the night before and the air was amazingly clean! So we packed up and headed up north! I have been wanting to see the Ming Tombs (also known as the valley of the 13 Ming Emperors) and we knew of some camping options out in that area so it was good fit! 
We drove up, found a campsite that suited our needs and made a quick bean burrito lunch. Then we headed to the Changling site, the site of the oldest tomb with the most prominent emperor, in the best condition. I was hoping to go inside the tombs, but that is the Dingling site (the one they opened up and excavated, but lost many artifacts due to inadequate technology at the time. Even still lots of artifacts were on display at the Changeling site!) and we didn't want to spend the entire day bopping around looking at historic wonders. The kids weren't as jazzed about it. lame.

 amazingly delicate carved jade
 a spirit door to cross over into that realm!
 Liam running up to the final building with the emperor's majestic stella

 the majestic stella
our tickets and a picture of the compound, a gate, then another more important gate, the big main building with history boards and artifacts on display, the final hike up to the stella. Not pictured is the hill behind the stella building where one would have to break open an enormous stone to get to a long stairway down to the actual room where the emperor and his wives would be enclosed (you can go down to the tomb room in Dingling)
 back to the campsite
 getting out tent set up
 making friends
 seeing wildlife
 getting dinner ready
 throwing pebbles in Ming reservoir

We had the campsite to ourselves! Most people just hung out at the beautiful site during the day and set up tents to rest in, but not spend the night. Now we know why! After a noisy night of loud local people, fireworks (what the heck?!), sheep in the morning, early rising fishermen, clean up crew sweepers and light weight airplanes (I know! Just when it didn't seem like enough wild stuff! All before 6am mind you!) we got up and ate breakfast and played on the beach.

It was a really fun little trip, but man o man, camping is not like it is in America! We were so tired when we got home! No personal space campsite. No quiet hours. No fire pit allowed. There was a nearby bathroom though and that was really nice. I don't know if we will do much more camping in Beijing. It is super tricky to find any sites and then the sites are tricky themselves. Still, like I said, it was a good trip.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get well blanket

I made this blanket for a dear friend in record time! It was the first time I have made the star pattern in a tidy way. I was so excited! I have wanted to make her something for a while and she has been sick and so it was a great opportunity! Check out this cheerful fun!

Mini party

We got to have some friends over for the afternoon and so I tried to throw in a little flair. Everyone else was contributing awesomeness, I didn't want to be the weak link! So we had a tea party with our toys during snack!
These ladies topped me though by being the best story tellers and all the kids (plus more friends) were entranced!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lakeside Great Wall

We had a blast today. Ben and I agree that this is the funnest place we have been to. We went here in the winter time and enjoyed it. We saw its potential for summertime though and kept it in our minds for a sunny, clear day. It was even better than we thought it would be when we dreamt about it in the winter.

it is a walnut roaster! They were yummy!

we packed take out burritos for lunch by the water

our canopy at lunch

hiking up the mountain and standing next to a part of the old ruined Great Wall

Liam loved the down hill

Ezra had a blast cracking nuts on the table 

A little old lady gave Ezra her collection of cicada on our boat ride! He loved it! We set them free and there were over 10 that she collected!

Liam was being a tough army guy. :)