Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Merry Mother's day

My wonderful husband made me a lovely breakfast and took care of the whole family. Leaving me time to make some final preparations for our Potterfest party on Tuesday. :)
 We took some family photos for some good documentation...

 Our Bells Palsy Mama picture. :)
 After a lovely time at church the men got to work on our awesome Mother's Day feast and A and I went on a walk in the forest! How relaxing and wonderful to get to chat with no kids interrupting!

 We had ribs, greeks salad and couscous for dinner!! Amazing!!!!
 Then topped off the meal with a perfect apple crisp! My favorite!!!
The evening was spent playing the card game Bohnanza  and all four of us laughing our heads off at silly remarks and fun conversation.

It was a great day to be pampered and loved!! And to share this great day with family! Sending love to all our moms and ladies we love!

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