Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This was an entire afternoon of complete bliss for me! Not many words needed to describe the wonder, but I'll give a few...
Our Spectra Specs and Radish earrings!
house banners
Hagrid gave periodic readings from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone all throughout to tell the story
getting our wands!
getting on Platform 9 3/4
the train through the house to Hogwarts

Getting sorted
Hagrid sending them all on a Dragon egg hunt!

I was pretty pleased with my Hufflepuff costume :)
The Puffskein battle
Seeing a clip of many magical beasts in 'Fantastic Beasts!'
then going on a magical beasts scavenger hunt!!

For Potions class we had a "name that potion" lesson
baby Hagrid was too cute!

Our Hogwarts feast was so fun! I made Aunt Petunia's trifle along with other British wonders!

roasted beef, sugared carrots, mash pototos and gravy, asperagus batons, and butter beer!
We took a lovely walk...
Then ate our chocolate (peanut butter) frogs and trifle!
These kids are numerical in age! So they all held their numbers in front to our magical wall and we documented!

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JillEE said...

So amazing! The platform is genius! What an awesome day!