Book List

These are books that make my top favorites list and that I reference often.

The keystones of our church. If you'd like to learn more, visit

Great research and very educational regarding food inc. Lots of ways to get variety in your diet and more nutrients by paying attention to what food is in season.

I think this psychological theory is pretty accurate and I pull from it often.

I found the Bradley method to be very realistic and useful and this book to be very informative and helpful.
I am an advocate for breast feeding. I think it is awesome for several reasons and find this book to be very helpful whenever I have conflicts or questions.

Lots of great ideas and perspectives in this book. The author is someone I really admire because of her theories and her outlook on life.

This book gave me a stronger belief in my meat minimalism.

Amazing child psychology and enlightening perspectives and suggestions to make parenting more effective and fun.

A truly inspirational read that forces you to stop and think about your life and want to make it better.

This book is basically a book on how to learn from life instead of being a victim of life. It is well done and amazing.

I found this book super helpful. Every friend I have recommended it to has found something the love and want to add to (or subtract from) their life

 A beautiful, Christian way of looking at the trials in our lives and seeing the hand of God ever present.

Opened my eyes to the way the other gender sees! This is so helpful to me in being patient and empathetic to my sons!